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By donating to the Guild you will be helping us to pay for the Ventrillo server and also if we can achieve enough to upgrade the website. Also if there is enough I will be buying mounts and pets from the blizzard store for guild competitions!
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Welcome to the Project
Project Ruin

We are a newly formed and focused PVP guild  with a focus on RBG and possibly wargames and premade BGS 

we love friendly talkative people 

Current Requirements:

Full ruthless is a bare minimum we may accept people in older season gear such as people returning to world of warcraft however this is at our discretion and you may not be picked for the RBG team 

Rated Battleground Rating : 1550


Arena Rating : 1550

we have the requirements in place so that everyone has met a similar standard in the guild and that any event we do is fun but also competitive 

If you have any questions or require any information then please feel free to contact us either in-game or on the forums of this website.

Wanna Win? Join the Project.


feel free to /w me ingame or any other officer or make an aplication on the website and we will review it and get back to you 

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Join the Project!

Båne, Feb 20, 12 5:54 PM.
Project Ruin is up and running. Get involved!!!
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